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Making Films with a Purpose – Impacting the World Through Film for Christ

Welcome to Broyden Brothers Pictures. I am Isaac ‘Eyes’ Broyden and my brother is Jesse ‘The Stuntman’ Broyden. I am 14 and Jesse is 10 years old, yet we have been able to produce over 70 to 80 short films to date within the last few years using a Panasonic home video camera and a Samsung Hi8. We started making films when we were just 9 and 5 years old. We got a new digital camera which gives a better look and feel to the footage. We use CS5 to Edit. Me and Jesse recently made our first full length feature film called The Adventures Of Jake’s Farm. We have also shot several shorts including A True Reward, Precious, Troubled and White as Snow and many more.

I made The Adventures Of Jake’s Farm Trilogy in the spring 2010 with Jesse using the Samsung Hi8. This 50 minute trilogy is professionally done and packaged selling for $10 each. Me and Dad Stunt Coordinated the Kendrick Brothers new movie Courageous which was released in theaters across Canada and is now on DVD. My new website is

Composer, Daniel Casson of Soncas Films writes and records some of the Soundtracks for our films. Our other brothers and sisters and friends work with us. We could not make these films without them.

After five years in the business, Jesse and I officially launched our film company this year in March 2010, believing the Lord wants us to make films. So we have stepped out in faith and our goal is to make films for His glorify.

Update: My big sister Emma finished making her first film called “Precious”. She asked me to be the Director Of Photography and the Cinematograper. Click here to see her film.

“Loved the films, talented kids”.
Peter Kent – Arnold Schwarzzenegger’s Stunt Double of 14 years

“The Bully is priceless”.
“I watched another Broyden Bros. Film with 12 takes of a boy tripping and tumbling into a ravine, The Shack…The acorns definitely fall near that tree. And fun to see your wife in many of the films. What a sport.”

Nancy Lovell
Lovell-Fairchild Communications

“LOVED “The Bully”!
Tell your son it has everything… drama, conflict, empathy for the character, a FIGHT SCENE, and THE GOSPEL!!! LOVE it!”

Pastor Myles Holmes

“I was very touched by “The Adventures Of Jake’s Farm” and how it was your whole famly pitching in to praise the Lord and that’s why I prayed and the Lord gave me this idea…I have a message to Issac and Jesse about a movie idea I came up with this morning that’s called “The Bench” that would star Issac, Jesse, Kezzia, or [Emma] and Me.”
Jordan Watts (12)
Filmmaker with Isaac on ‘A Day At The Park & Hardy Boys’


Aug/Sept. 2010 – The Bench

March 2010

The Shack … 2009

DaJeewa – June 2010 …By me, Jesse and Dad (Jimmy)

DaJeewa – Part 2

A Day In The Park – Aug 2010

To see more films go to Our Youtube account : Broyden Bros. Pictures

…More Broyden Brothers Pictures to be uploaded soon……and several projects currently shooting and being edited. Our Dad whom we call Pops, is currently shooting an action short called T21 starring Josiah, our 11 year old brother with Down Syndrome/Trisomy 21.

Thank You for stopping by. Keep checking in.

Isaac and Jesse