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Tell Isaac I loved his video! He did a great job!! Praying God will use him and his talents in a big way!! Keep up the good work!!! I know God will bless his efforts! Thanks so much for sharing with me. Would love to see any more that he does! Mrs. Hemphill

I thoroughly enjoyed “The Adventures of Jake’s Farm” and the other flicks. Looks like you’ve got a movie family there. I’ll show the DVD’s to the boys – a little inspiration might start something (but I’ll try to keep ’em off the roof).
Many Blessings to you and yours,

Steve Spillman
Author – Breaking the Treasure Code: the Hunt for Israel’s Oil

“Great Jimmy! Another inspiration from the Broyden family”
Dennis Weimer.
Associate Producer on Fireproof

“Thats vary cool guys! Great song choices!
Keep the Lord and his word formost in your films!”
Mark C.

Hey Isaac,
Loved Troubled, Good job! I like the new look of your camera! All that is different from you and Spielberg is creativity now dude! And you got a lot of it, so keep working hard! I`d love to get your review of my work if you wouldn`t mind :p.

Keep in Christ,
Stephen Casson
Soncas Films

Dear Isaac
I really enjoyed your work. In fact, yesterday, our church in Singapore had an Awana Leaders’ Retreat, and I used you as an example to encourage our leaders in their service. I remember you first came to us through the Awana Club.
We would love to have your DVD’s. Most of the DVD players here cna play multiple systems.
Glad to see that the whole family is doing well. Please send our best regards to Mom and Dad and the rest.

Thanks and God bless,
Pastor Isaac Ong

Very well done Isaac. Troubled is a wonderful story, and your acting seems to be improving. Your acting friend seems to be a really nice young man. You really seem to know how to handle that camera. I was noticing your closeups and editing. I have a feeling your dad’s experience and expertise in those areas are helping you become more proficient. Keep up your wonderful efforts and work. By the way, who reeeealllllllly ate the cookies. I noticed your dad was no where to be seen.

T21, Another awesome film. Josiah, you are quite the actor. You are no slouch either Emma. Keep up the good work but watch your crazy driving. Excellent work on the part of the writers, directors etc. Hope somebody fed you all.

The Bench is Awesome!!!!! You blew me away. It looks professional as it is so well done. Great editing.
God bless, Grandpa

The films are terrific. Looking forward to Isaac’s new film for kids called The Adventures Of Jake’s Farm. Love to you and your family.
Take care. Johnny Hagner
Founder – Hollywood Stuntmen’s Hall Of Fame

It’s good to hear from you again. Thanks so much for your prayers for the ministry of Pacific Garden Mission. The Lord is doing great things among his people and every prayer is used to assist in His work in the world.

Flossie McNeill – Proverbs 3:5-6
Director of “Unshackled!” Ministries
True Life Stories that make you face yourself and think.
A Ministry of Pacific Garden Mission

Hi Isaac,
Very well done, Isaac!!! Alanna and I just viewed it and I’ll show the other children and Mr. Newton tomorrow. Thanks for sending it. I’ll be sure to complement Jordan too. Keep up the great work!!!! Always for God’s glory!
Mrs. Newton & Alanna

Fantastic! Well done guys. Technology – use it for God’s glory!
Blessings, Philippa

Hello Broyden Family,
I just wanted to say It was a pleasure to
help you with your computer and I hope for you and your son the very best with his future endeavors. I checked out the videos he’s made and he has quite the talent at such a young age. It’s heart-touching to see a loving family supporting their children’s talents. I hope to see movies in the future with the Broyden name attached to it. Let me know if there’s anything about the PC you don’t understand and I would be glad to help yous guys out. I wish you all the very best and Godspeed.
Chuck C.