The Jimmy Broyden Down Syndrome Foundation (JBDSF) is currently awaiting charitable status.
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Jimmy is Founder & CEO of JBDSF. He started the Foundation so he and his family can work with some of the brightest stars of all, people with Down Syndrome and Special Needs who are superstars in their own right. He is a man on a mission, putting it on the line for these beautiful people. As the Father of a son with Down Syndrome he understands the challenges parents face and recognizes the rewards of having such a special child with special needs. “If you asked me to go back and choose between having a son who would have become the greatest stuntman of all-time or have Josiah, I would take my Josiah, evertime, no questions asked. He brings something extra special to our family, friends and the world. I thank the Lord everyday for my unique and valuable son. When you meet Josiah, you will understand”.

Jimmy and his beloved wife have 7 beautiful children including their son Josiah (10), who has Down Syndrome. According to the specialists, he was to die in the womb. Instead, Josiah arrived on time but needing surgery to repair a hole in his heart (Ventrical Septal Defect – VSD) at 3.5 months old. Josiah’s life is a blessing and the impetus for future plans before and after the World Record. Through the JBDS Foundation, Jimmy and his family desire to travel, airbag in hand, performing highfalls of all kinds, crashing cars and executing full body fireburns in order to raise funds and awareness of Down Syndrome and to help people with DS achieve the fullest life possible. His motto is ” Give a child the heart to live”.

Coach Stallings and his son Johnny with Down Syndrome

View the video clip“When Robin Prays”
It is about Robin who is a 53 year old woman with Down Syndrome. She is so Special.

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