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The dream is to enter into Class 11 and race in the Score International Baja Off-Road Races ( BAJA 250, 500 & 1000 ) and raise funds for Down Syndrome. Jimmy and his son Isaac (11) have a dream to race, raise funds and have a ministry to off-road racers. Jimmy’s dream since a kid while watching ABC’s Wide World Of Sports has been to race Baja. Isaac has a go-kart and loves to drive it off-road on the property. The go-kart was given to him as a gift by Pete Swann on his 10th birthday. There was a snow storm blowing that evening but Isaac fired it up and took it for a spin. The Broyden Family as a whole want to race so they are trusting the Lord to lead in this endeavour. Through racing they will raise funds for DS to help families in the Baja penninsula who have children with Down Syndrome and they will find children in the Baja with DS who need corrective heart surgery and admit them to a Children’s Hospital. The name of the racing ministry is called, ‘The B.O.M.B.’ – Broyden Outreach Motorsport Branch.