World Record

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“Once we get charitable status my goal is to kick the Foundation off with a bang. With Ky Michaelson’s expertise, I will attempt to set a new World Record Highfall of 350 feet from a helicopter to an air bag into the Skydome in my hometown of Toronto to raise funds for Down Syndrome”. Ky who has a daughter with special needs has offered his help on this project and is on board to build a custom air bag. He and Dar Robinson were best friends and together they pioneered and executed some of Hollywood’s biggest all time gags in the late 70’s early 80’s. Dar passed away in November 1986. Ky ‘The Rocketman’ is an accomplished Hollywood Stuntman/engineer/imagineer and rocket builder who built the custom air bag with Dar and for Dar. Together they set the current world record of 311 feet which has stood since 1979. They executed the gag perfectly. “I watched it live when I was just 14 years old and said, one day I hope to set a record too”. The Mayor of Toronto has been contacted and he is on board. Billionaire Richard Branson of Virgin Records is interested in being part of this venture”. A documentary film on the whole process from beginning to end will be made. Jimmy desires to have Guiness World Records on location so they can officially document the highfall and put it in the record books.

After that highfall Jimmy would like to break the 400 foot mark at a later date. Maybe into ALCATRAZ FEDERAL PENITENTIARY. Dar made a lasting impact on Jimmy’s life as did Spanky Spangler for their stunts on ‘That’s Incredible’. “Evel Knievel’s motorcycle jumps were amazing to watch as a kid. When the world watched Knievel, it was always LIVE on television. It was a big extravaganza. He did over 300 jumps. In my neighbourhood I would set up my ramp and jump over kids and garbage cans. He is one of the reason’s why I became a Stuntman”.

Clay Dyer – a real live Hero