A Matter Of Time

This Film is Family Approved by the Dove Foundation

Jimmy finished working with the Casson Brothers of Soncas Films on their first low budget big action film called, “A Matter Of Time” released in December 2008. “Director Stephen Casson and his brothers James Casson, Daniel Casson and Andrew Casson brought me on board to add some big action gags to their film. They trusted me to take care of their Stunt Department. We ‘T-Boned’ a car, crashed a car through a gate, did precision driving with a reverse 180, did fights and stairfalls. We had a major SWAT action scene jam packed with ‘eye-candy ‘ for the audience. Not one person was hurt on that picture. We had a blast!” The Casson Brothers starred in this own movie. They edited their own movie. Daniel composed the soundtrack. All in-house. They had family and friends play roles and had Jimmy play a small acting part as well.

These fine young, homeschooled Christian men are part of an 8 child family who started with small projects and in just a few short years produced their first big hit. They also have a special brother and sister who each have Down Syndrome. They have several future projects already in the works with lots of action and we are working together again. You can contact Stephen Casson at stephencasson@gmail.com to purchase your copy. THEIR SITE : Soncas Films.“After ‘A Matter Of Time’ was in the can (finished), I received a call to be a Stunt Coordinator on another film so I brought out 19 year old Director Stephen Casson to be a Stunt Driver. We executed a head-on collision with 2 cars. I drove the other vehicle and we timed the crash as a dirt bike roared between us. It was just another day at the office”.

“First time filmmakers The Casson Brothers have done it! A Matter Of Time is an intense action packed adrenaline ride that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Hunted by a merciless government hitman, four friends must take a stand for the one thing left fighting for. They must protect a precious briefcase containing one of the last remaining unedited copies of the Bible. It was filmed with one camera, on a super low budget of approximately $8,000 from their own pockets and the Brothers did the acting, editing, musical score etc. themselves. They brought me in to Stunt Coordinate and execute the big car gags and Swat stunts. The rest of the Stunts they set up and executed themselves……….This film is loaded with behind the scenes and special features. As Flywheel (2003) was to the Kendrick Brothers and Duel (1971) was to Steven Spielberg, A Matter Of Time is to The Casson Brothers. If this is what they can produce on a shoestring budget and with minimal experience, imagine what their future endeavours will be.” Jimmy Broyden

A Matter Of Time Action Takes – Behind The Scenes

The Jost Family with 11 beautiful homeschooled children have just released their first big family film hit “Little Jake and Harry”. Contact 19 year old Producer/Director Joel Jost at Hagiazo Films to purchase your copy. They also did it all in-house from top to bottom. They and the Casson’s are multi-talented musicians as well and do their own musical scores for their films. You can see the Josts music website at Josties and they’re homeschooling website Hearts At Home. Joel Jost and Jimmy are teamed and ready to work together on his next project. Joel, along with his older brother Jesse, script writer, will incorporate stunts into future scripts. “These are just 2 of the many beautiful homeschooled filmmaking families where I live. There are so many more all across Canada and America. I welcome the opportunity to work with you and your family and bring the stunt action into your livingroom. There is a huge homeschooling community out there and the Lord has recently moved me and my family close to the Casson’s who just happen to live down the road. The Lord has a plan and purpose for His people and if we trust Him with all our hearts He will do incredible things, above all that we could think or ask for”.

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