From Champion Break Dancer and Martial Arts Teacher to becoming a seasoned Stunt Coordinator and Stuntman of 20 years, Jimmy has learned what it takes to conquer mental/physical and external barriers to become victorious. You can learn to face your fears head on and look them in the eye. It is usually fear of failure, fear itself or fear of what others will say that holds us back. Be brave and keep moving forward. It is regular people who do mighty deeds. Jimmy shares his rich life experiences with the goal of encouraging people to realize their potential. Setting young people straight about the emptiness, dangers and facade of drug and alcohol abuse is critical. It does not matter what hand you have been dealt in life, you can change your cards. You can make right choices and start over again. Life is all about second chances and it is never too late to begin. When others tell you that it is all over, you do not have to give up. When circumstances tell you to give up, don’t. When you tell yourself or someone tells you that you will never make anything out of yourself, do not believe it. Jimmy rose up out of a dysfunctional upbringing and learned to work hard and dream. You can too.

His Stunt Demo Reel shows his world renowned stunts along with his ability to start your program off with his appearance on stage “on fire” makes for a dramatic and eye-catching opening to his presentation. Jimmy will captivate your audience with his tales of stunts gone wrong, his story of life’s difficulties growing up, his effort to get back when others told him to give up and the new journey in his life, dealing with his son’s Down Syndrome.

That same enthusiasm is displayed when Jimmy speaks at schools, drug rehab groups and to parents on the lessons learned in dealing with 17 years of addictions he faced which began at 11 years old. The message of making right choices resonates with young people as they become enthralled with his stunt spectacular past.

He is also a welcome sight at local church events, retreats and from the pulpit where he tells the impact the Lord had on his life as he struggled through the addictions he faced and his past life adventures. Jimmy will be great for Youth events, Men’s retreats, special occasions or to simply bring a new and fresh message that “he has been on fire in the movies, then he became on fire for the Lord.”

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