Life Story

Born in Toronto to a 14 year-old mother, and fatherless, Jimmy endured abuse in his grandparents home until he was 7. Filled with rage and withdrawing into himself he became a child pyromaniac and entered into high risk behavior. Drug use began at the tender age of 11. The downward spiral of excessive substance abuse increased exponentially and continued for 17 years. When he did drugs, he punished himself. By 15 he was dealing drugs. By 16 he was kicked out of the house becoming a high school drop-out. He has witnessed many lives ruined and watched friends and family die. A cousin he was close to and used with, overdosed on heroine and died. Another was checked into an insane asylum. Others commited suicide or were incarcerated into prison. Jimmy learned how to survive the streets and graduated from the school of hard knocks. He has learned to make something out of nothing. His story is one of determination and perseverance against enormous odds.

At three years old Jimmy began entertaining the neighbors on his three wheel plastic pedal tractor when the Italians brothers next door for a prank put him at the top of their steep hill on Northcliff Blvd. and told him to ride down the sidewalk. As they watched they were mezmerized. But then they cheered him on as he came down at breakneck speed without a scratch. They gathered the neighbours. By six years old he had developed a burning desire to become a Professional Stuntman. When it came to playing sports, Jimmy’s drive, determination and hidden rage coupled with his athletic skills made him the “go-to guy” which won him and his teammates many victories. His martial arts training of several years under world renowned Master Kwok Chan in the Traditional Chinese Classical 5 Animal System of Northern Shaolin Kung Fu was the final piece which prepared him both mentally and physically to become a Pro Stuntman. Jimmy made sure no one was ever going to abuse him or anyone else again.

In a devastating and apparent career-ending injury in 1998 the ACL, LCL and PCL ligaments were torn off the bone in his knee and the tibia plateau was fractured which left room for a possible amputation. The leg was mangled, it was dislocated and five of the finest surgeons at the #1 trauma center in Vancouver, BC said, “career over”. During a 2 hour surgery the knee was reattached but the doctors and physiotherapists still agreed his career was over and that he would be behind a desk for life. But Jimmy had other plans, to trust the Lord, and made up his mind to re-learn how to walk, jump, run, play ice hockey and return as a Stuntman. In the process he discarded a wheelchair, crutches, his grandfather’s cane and finally a $1000.oo G II custom leg brace. It was an excruciatingly slow process but after two years of grueling and painful physiotherapy and by God’s grace, he made “The Comeback” to full mobility with no limp and picked up where he left off having paid the price. All were amazed…doctors, physiotherapists, stuntmen, said it couldn’t be done.

A regiment of rigorous physical conditioning keeps his mind and body razor sharp. Jimmy thanks the Lord for the innate sense of timing, courage, physical abilities and an eye to detail that are necessary for a Stuntman and Stunt Coordinator’s success. He was born to be a Stuntman. His love for edge-of-your-seat action has been apparent since birth. He went from lighting fires in closets to lighting himself on fire for a living. These are just a few events in the Life Story of Jimmy Broyden

Your Love Broke Through : Keith Green