Professional Testimonials

1.“Jimmy Broyden is a dynamic speaker who captures his audience with stories about his rollercoaster life of amazing highs and devastating lows. He speaks with honesty and integrity and has a genuine desire to connect with our youth to help them make wise decisions about their own future paths.”

Jill McDonald
Vernon Secondary School

2.“Jimmy Broyden recently spoke to our addiction treatment center men and it was a huge hit! Our men would not let him go. Our clients stayed long after and shared how Jimmy’s story impacted them and moved them to a deeper place. He established how the world of addiction had a strong hold on him and what he did to overcome. He shared how no matter how much people say ‘It can’t be done’, there is always a way. The men were touched around Jimmy’s new sense of purpose in life and how he is reaching out to make a difference. His story is relatable and that of a courageous, compassionate man. He will always be welcome at our facility.

Thank you Jimmy for reaching out and changing lives. We encourage you to keep being a role model for men”.

James LaLonde, Clinical Therapist
Crossroads Treatment Center
Kelowna, BC

3.“I recently had the opportunity to have Jimmy Broyden come talk to my Planning 10B course at W.L. Seaton in Vernon B.C.. Jimmy came and gave a heart-pounding presentation to my class. Jimmy’s ability to intertwine his passion (stunts/motivation) with life choices (drugs), and his own upbringing, combined to give the students an opportunity for some deep self-reflecting. I wasn’t surprised, but, when I had a chance to discuss the presentation Jimmy had given, the next day, the students were full of life and discussion. Many students had talked with their parents, brothers and sisters, and friends about his engaging presentation. Students discussed the importance of how ‘their’ life choices can affect ‘their’ goals.

I felt Jimmy’s presentation exceeded most motivational presenters because students were able to think about both positive and negative choices they will be facing in ‘their’ life. Jimmy’s commitment to 100% hard work and dedication came through during his presentation. As I scanned the room during Jimmy’s presentation, I didn’t see faces of dozing-off, or fidgeting. In fact, I saw young minds focused and really thinking about ‘their’ life. Jimmy did what he does best, opens up avenues in the listeners mind that they may not have ever been down before.

Jimmy Broyden exudes confidence, stage presence, and a magnificent eminence of captivating his audience. If you haven’t seen or heard Jimmy, you may be cutting off avenues that need to be explored to become a positive thinking, and acting, human being”.

Brad Swanson
W.L. Seaton High School Teacher

4.“Thank you for your presentation. The fact that our grade 10’s listened without disruption speaks to your presentation. They are a difficult group to contain. The administrators do not usually sit in on these types of presentation but they were intriqued”.

Janie Szestaplow
Charles Bloom Secondary School

Faith-Based Testimonials

1.“Jimmy spoke at our secondary school chapel service on September 10, 2008 and from the time his video started until he finished speaking he had our students undivided attention. Jimmy’s thrilling video of the stunts he has performed in major hollywood movies is the hook that brings the kids in but it is his compelling story of God’s grace that holds them. What I appreciated about Jimmy’s presentation was the honest manner in which he told his story. He spoke of the difficulties he has faced in his life but concentrated more on highlighting the goodness of God since placing him first in his life”.

Larry Simpson
Vernon Christian School

2.“On the recommendation of another school, we invited Jimmy to come and speak at our middle school chapel. As a group interested in the life stories and ministries of others, we thought our group would benefit from his story. Both the video and his testimony had their full attention. His is a very interesting, very remarkable story that has had a lasting impact. The kids are still talking about it, 2 months later! “

Sue Whitehead
Staff & Curric Development
King’s Christian School

3.“Let me introduce to you the ministry of Teen Challenge. We are a one year faith based ministry residential treatment program with 26 beds for Men ages 18 to 55 years old.

Teen Challenge has been around since 1958 with over 1000 centers world wide over 104 countries with 40 more countries asking for our program. I have had the privilege to take the roll of the booking outreach representative for over almost 2 years now. Our midweek chapel service has been an honour to introduce a different guest speaker each week. With the special privilege in doing so with Jimmy Broyden I was intrigued at what an amazing turn of events and miracle this mans life displays, and fortunately blessed enough to live to tell about it. Jimmy has an amazing dvd powerpoint introduction that sets the stage for an amazing testimony that has in many ways touched the hearts of the Staff & Students present here on campus. His story has shed hope and spoke into the lives of those who see a man who was a sceptic at first but introduced to a Savior who transformed his life evidently by the overflowing presence and witness displayed by his fruits. This man I believe is anointed with ministry outreach that has yet to impact the lives of those who are yet to hear his message.

We wish him all the best along his journey and pray this man will receive the opportunity and favour our ministry has been honoured to grant him in regards to speaking into peoples lives , what a blessing”.

Yours truly,
Michael Kulyk
Booking Representative
BC Teen Challenge Kelowna