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Jimmy has been entertaining audiences around the world for over 20 years having worked in over 100 features, television series, movies of the week, pilots and commercials as a Stunt Coordinator and Stuntman but you have rarely seen his face. He spent 16 years honing his Stunt skills in Hollywood North, Vancouver B.C. before branching out internationally.

Jimmy can run your Stunt Department from script breakdown, stunt budget to stunt set-up, safety, hiring, tech surveys, production meetings etc.

As a Fall Guy he has performed full body fireburns, precision driving, stair falls, bullet hits, fight scenes, high falls, car hits… having worked with Isaac Broyden, the Kendrick Brothers, Jackie Chan, Harrison Ford, Casson Brothers, Will Smith, Jean Claude Van Damme, Will Ferrell, Jack Black, Stephen King and many more. He has Stunt Doubled for some of Hollywood’s finest actors – Alex Kendrick, Aaron Eckhart, Chad Lowe, Ian Tracey, Brian Markinson, Corey Haim, Paul McCrane and more – on some of Hollywood’s leading productions and has worked with some of the finest stunt veterans and rookies in film. He has worked on numerous shows such as Firewall, Elf, Air Bud, Battlestar Galactica, X-Files, Star Gate, Mysterious Ways, The Sentinel, I Robot, A Matter Of Time and Courageous. Jimmy did a 60 mph pipe roll on the Gemini Award winning TV documentary series ‘STUNTDAWGS’. He is a Member of UBCP and ACTRA Unions and is on the Board of Advisors of theThe Hollywood Stuntmen’s Hall Of Fame .

60 mph Pipe Roll – Stunt Dawgs – Jimmy Broyden
Gemini Award Winning Series / Episode

Jimmy’s Stunt Demo Reel:

Jan. 2009 Interview

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