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Courageous comes out in theaters Sept 30, 2011

A Matter Of Time – has been awarded the Dove Foundation “Family-Approved” 12 + Seal .

On Sale now on DVD at Soncas Films
Executive Producers : Kevin Casson and Andrew Casson
Director – Stephen Casson : Editor – James Casson
Musical Score – Daniel Casson : Stunt Coordinator – Jimmy Broyden

“First time filmmakers The Casson Brothers have done it! A Matter Of Time is an intense action packed adrenaline ride that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Hunted by a merciless government hitman, four friends must take a stand for the one thing left fighting for. They must protect a precious briefcase containing one of the last remaining unedited copies of the Bible. It was filmed with one camera, on a super low budget of approximately $8,000 from their own pockets and the Brothers did the acting, editing, musical score etc. themselves. They brought me in to Stunt Coordinate and execute the big car gags and Swat stunts. The rest of the Stunts they set up and executed themselves. These young men have carved out a niche for themselves as Action Filmmakers. This film is loaded with behind the scenes and special features. As Flywheel (2003 ) was to the Kendrick Brothers and Duel (1971) was to Steven Spielberg, A Matter Of Time is to The Casson Brothers. If this is what they can produce on a shoestring budget and with minimal experience, imagine what their future endeavours will be.” Jimmy Broyden

The Kendrick Brothers/Sherwood Pictures new film Courageous . Previous films released were Flywheel, Facing The Giants and Fireproof.

Keep your eye out for David Evans feature film called The Grace Card with Lou Gossett Jr.