The Stunt Institute

We are developing a Stunt Training School for Christians, who realize they are wired for action and have the desire and dexterity to become Professional Stuntmen and Stuntwomen. With safety being #1 students will learn precision driving, full body fireburns, highfalls, gymnastics, horsemanship, motorcycles, fights, etc. so they can execute top-notch Hollywood style stunts as we make quality films our Lord would be pleased with. At T.S.I. – The Stunt Institute we take our training seriously and do not want our future stunt people to be injured. We will have a Boot-Camp style physical fitness program put into place to get them in top condition both mentally and physically and then keep them there. If you are going to be a Pro Stunt Performer you have to prepare like one. We want to put together a ‘crack’ Stunt Team made up of Christians who will travel from film set to film set around North America and Internationally. After 5 or 10 years they may have the potential to begin to become Stunt Coordinators.

We will also train and help troubled youth get a firm grip on life. Through TSI, troubled youth will develope values, purpose, worth and direction. “It is heartbreaking for me to see the youth of our day locked down in the chains of drug addiction, alcohol abuse, fatherless and the list goes on and on….. I came from a broken home and was chained to substance abuse for 17 years. I know about this firsthand. I want to invest in our youth and help give them a fighting chance. We will try to teach them spiritual truths, honor and the value of hard work.” – JB